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Efficient tools

Implementing modern tools to become a natural part

of your business surroundings

Budgeting and planning



Drive agile, connected plans, from scenario modeling and long-range planning to budgeting and line of business planning, that are built on best practices and advanced technologies.

Key Features
•    Reduce planning, budgeting, and forecasting cycles by weeks or months
•    Improve accuracy of plans and forecasts
•    Shrink the user learning curve by leveraging a Microsoft Office-based interface
•    Eliminate time lag between when plans are updated and reports are refreshed
•    Choose to deploy in the Oracle Cloud, on premises, in a third-party data center, or any combination


Oracle Hyperion Planning (pdf)

Financials closing


Close with flexibility, speed, and accuracy. As simple as that. 
Adapt quickly to changing business and compliance requirements while delivering faster, more accurate, and transparent reporting. Leverage built-in functionality that covers the full spectrum of end-to-end close tasks.

Narrative reporting
Abstract Structure

Analytics and reporting, reinvented
Satisfy internal and external reporting requirements with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud Narrative Reporting. Get collaborative narrative and regulatory reporting with interactive dashboards for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial, management, and regulatory report packages.



Reinvent Narrative Reporting (pdf)
Oracle Narrative Reporting

Real time
Parking Lot


Unprecedented Speed to Build Modern Real-Time Application


Allow for agile development of next-generation business applications with industry-leading, low-code technology. Move from ideation to production in weeks, rather than months.


Leverage new technologies, such as Edge Computing, IOT, and AI, to create next-generation solutions for real-time operational challenges.


The old ways of doing things are no longer viable. Implement new digital capabilities that sense and respond to the real-world in real-time and create new value to the enterprise.

Real Time - Event Driven Architecture, decision guide (pdf)


The Best Communication Solutions

are the Simplest Ones
Your business runs on communication:

across teams, top-down, in the office, in traffic, in a hurry.

So, moving to a do-it-all, reliable,

functional and intuitive system

is high on your priorities.

And nowadays it is easy and affordable.

Do not hesitate… Get connected.


Customer engagement
The Flock



Avaya Customer Experience
Think Good Customer Experience is Obvious – Think again

Customer Experience – Conversational Commerce: The future of digital journey (pdf)

Build Loyalty and Value with Every Experience
Give customers a smart, positive experience every time and you will win a lifetime of loyalty. Try to look at it from your personal perspective… It is indeed as simple as that. 


With Avaya contact center portfolio of solutions, we can help you do exactly that. Customers can choose fast and efficient self-service on the channels they prefer, with an agent available to help as needed. It’s always seamless and context-driven. And your agents can stay in sync and keep pace with customer expectations. With a consolidated view of relevant information, they can exceed expectations and reach great outcomes, faster.

As you gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, your teams become more efficient and effective. Avaya is the leader in Contact Center Solutions and can deliver it the way you need it

Digital twin
Tube Lights

By Wikipedia digital twin is defined as: “A digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity.”
Computer aided design of an asset such as a motor has existed for decades. Over time, sensors have been installed in physical devices to monitor parameters such as temperature and frequency. Predictive  analytics can then be used to analyze the generated data to predict failures. Up until now, Digital Twins have been created to model a machine such as a motor, generator, or medical device, to improve its operational performance during its product life cycle. This is the first generation of Digital Twins.
The cost and availability of cloud
infrastructure, edge computing, and IoT devices have improved considerably over the last decade, with advances primarily in the last few years. Now, more than ever, there is the data to not only model a large and complex physical environment, but bring that model to life with sensors, cameras, and monitoring systems. This will lead to a new type of advanced digital twin – one that is larger in scope and significantly more powerful for the business.


Image recognition


AI video recognition system to capture real-time person, crowd, or object tracking for identification of accidents or dangerous situations and immediate response of security services. Using event driven architecture and deep machine learning we are achieving increase of security, related action triggering and modelling business processes based on events that happen when they happen.

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