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Reliable infrastructure

Providing a reliable foundation

for all your present and future IT & IoT endeavors

IoT Infrastructure

IoT is a network of physical objects (such as wearable devices, home appliances, security systems, vehicles, nanotechnology, manufacturing equipment, etc.) embedded with smart components (such as microprocessors, data storage, software, sensors, actuators, etc.) and connected to other devices and systems over the Internet.
To provide sensor connectivity to back end smart systems reliable network equipment and management is necessary. 
From sensors, over LoRa gateways and network servers, we can make it robust with indoor or outdoor industry grade reliability and still affordable to start using real business benefits of IoT.


Server and network infrastructure


In order to make any information system work you need to run them on some servers, on some operating systems, store data somewhere and connect to a network. To provide our clients full turn key solution we partner with best in class hardware manufacturers to make it happen.

Contact Centers
Abstract Structure

How your present and future customers see you? Do you actually hear and know how your customers feel about you? Do you use all available sales channels to boost results? Constant availability became a necessity. Communication through all available channels as well. Contact centers in the modern world are not a commodity, they are simply necessary. 


Team Collaboration
The Flock



Communication is at the heart of any kind of transformation, digital or otherwise. When your teams can collaborate naturally and easily without boundaries, it has the power to transform your business. Integrated, flexible, one stop solution.

End Devices and Sensors

To make a complete IoT solution you need effective and optimized sensors. Whether standard ones or custom built specifically for your needs. From prototype to mass production. All we need is to define the use case together, and we will find the right solution for your needs.



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